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Our Unique Learning Framework- Designed to Excel

TheYesfinity has developed a unique learning framework through years of research and experience. This framework helps learners make the most of the process and deliver results seamlessly. AAID is TheYesfinity’s unique learning development framework used in the development of our eLearning courses.

AAID is a unique learning framework we follow to deliver our courses. Using the AAID framework, we develop a focused and dedicated learning experience in every course we design and deliver.

Instructional Designing with AAID Learning Framework

Divide the overall course idea into several topics that are easy to consume

Focus on associating each module to one element of AAID  framework

Create a Pattern for delivering learning. AAID can be used in linear and non-linear form 

Focus on the right form of assessment to embed in the course.

Discuss the design with your team and be open for feedback.

Benefits of using AAID Framework

Make Learners a top priority

Accessible and enhanced learning experience

Thought Provoking

Result-oriented and motivating experience

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