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Becoming a start communicator

Communication is important to you regardless of what you do. Be it workplace communication or personal communication, it is simply important to do it right to avoid chaos and misunderstandings. 

Learn the basics of communication process through this course. Understand body language, written communication, oral communication quickly and effectively

Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training

The Level 5 TQUK Diploma Education & Training meets the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) educational requirements of the teacher permit in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Thus, making you eligible to apply for Certified Teacher Status (CTS), which if granted, enables you to teach in private schools in the Emirate of Dubai. For further information on the teacher permit requirements in Dubai, please contact CTS at KHDA

Level 3 Award in Principles and Practices of Assessment

Assessments continue to be the primary way of tracking progress in our education system. This course will help the assessor understand the needs of the students and create a fair and effective way to assess student progress and understanding.


Qualifi Level 4 in Business

A business degree from Qualifi is something that can change your life. If you are someone looking to grow in your career and become one of the leaders, a business degree can make it all happen for you. Learn about business and how to make great business decisions in this detailed course.


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